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Do I Matter?

Are you simply a random collection of molecules that happened to come together when a certain sperm met a certain egg?  If circumstances had been different, you would not be here. You would be someone else.

Is life all that random?

Or might there be a purpose behind you?

Might you be more than a random throw of the dice?

Might there be a creation behind you just like there is a creation behind this web page

These are the questions people ask when they consider whether or not there might be a power higher than themselves, an intelligence beyond them.

Might they actually be the product of intellect rather than chance?

And, if they are, is that intellect benevolent, indifferent, or malicious? Perhaps all three at different times?

No matter how bad your life is, there has been good in it. No matter how good your life is, there has been bad in it. Are all of these happenings random? Or was something more happening in your life that you did not see? Was there an interplay between the good and the bad so that what seemed to be good sometimes turned out to be bad and what seemed to be bad sometimes turned out to be good? 

What does life mean? Does your life matter?

Consider this. Have you recently:

Helped anyone?

Made someone laugh?

Loved someone?

Would those things have been done if you were not here?

You might ask if your life is worth anything just because you helped someone or made someone laugh. We often underestimate our value. Think of someone who helped you. What value can you assign to that person's life? Might each person be of much greater value than we realize?

Think of your computer. What is the value of each screw, circuit, wire? Remove one here or there at random and what will happen to your computer? The most insignificant item removed from the right place can shut down an entire system.

So it is with you. Imagine your life without you in it. What would not be done? Who would miss you? What would be different?

We tend to think that life just goes on when someone leaves, and it does go on, but it goes on differently than it would have gone on if that someone were present.

Maybe you don't think you have made much difference. Maybe you think that what you do is not worth much. Are you courageous enough to try something better? Do you want to do more good?


If so, you know  your life matters. It can matter even more than it does. Write down your dreams and then write down what it would take to fulfill them. Go out and make a difference in your world. Only you can do it. The future begins now.

 To see what a difference a single person can make, read One Solitary Life.

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