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Can I Find Peace in My Life?

You have asked this heavy question because you are probably experiencing stress, turmoil, abuse, betrayal, or uncertainty. These can involve family, friends, coworkers, yourself, and any situation over which you feel you have no control. You may be overwhelmed by decisions to be made, feel frustrated by your inability to have your plans succeed, or be at a loss as to how to deal with difficult people, some of whom  you may love dearly.

Can you find peace in your life?

That depends.

Do you want peace? Really?

It is vital that you ask if you really want to be at peace because some people do not know how to handle peace. They are only happy when they are miserable. You can tell if your personality is like this if you always seem to find something wrong in every circumstance.

Three types of people exist in the world.

Category One: Those who find something bad no matter how good things are.

Category Two: Those who find something good no matter how bad things are.

Category Three: Those who "go with the flow" and accept whatever happens without analyzing things too deeply.

If you want peace in your life, you have got to make an effort to fall into category two or three. How can you do that?

By admitting that you are powerless over certain people and circumstances and then accepting that powerlessness. Sometimes we cannot fix people or situations. We have to accept them. Acceptance brings peace.

Acceptance is difficult because we tend to keep trying to make things and people the way we want them to be. Certainly we can and should try to make things better. But when we are doing our best and the results are not what we wish, we have to accept the results.

Acceptance brings peace.

It helps, too, to know that something good will come from the situation that seems so bad now. But then, that is another heavy question. Can anything good come from this? Check it out.

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