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Can Anything Good Come From This ?

You are asking this question because something that you perceive as bad is happening in your life.

Perhaps someone, even someone you love, betrayed you.

Perhaps someone you love, maybe even yourself, is sick or hurt, maybe even dying. Or perhaps the person has died.

Maybe you or someone you care about cannot achieve desired goals.

Your financial situation may be bleak.

Something you deeply desire may be denied.

All of these situations and countless others cause us to ask, "Can anything good come from this?"

The answer is yes. Something good comes from every bleak situation, whether or not we believe it will come, whether or not we ever see it, whether or not we want to accept it.

Something good comes from what we see as a disaster. But we rarely see it right away. We only see it later, often years later. When we look back, we can see how something good would never have happened without the disaster happening first.

Does this happen all the time?

How can this be?

This happens because our lives are not really managed by ourselves, much as we like to think they are. Oh, yes, we make decisions. We have projects. We admire our achievements. We can do a lot. Each year it seems that humanity can do more than it could do the year before. So we come to think that we can do everything or anything. But, of course, we can't.

But Someone greater than us can. And that Someone uses our disasters to our good because that Someone cares about our good. So be assured that something good will come from whatever bad is happening now. Believe in that. Anticipate it. Accept it when it happens.

Can you believe that Someone greater than you is at work in your life? That's another heavy question! Check it out.

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